Enemies Of Democracy – Local Government NZ [LGNZ]

– with contributions from Donald Beswick

On March 22, 2018 the President of [LGNZ], Dave Cull wrote an open letter to the Prime Minister and the leaders of the supporting parties, NZ First and the Green Party, stating the LGNZ position that Maori (i.e. race-based) wards should be established and that electors should not be allowed to vote on the issue. That’s despite the recent polls making it abundantly obvious that Ratepayers do not want part-Maori, race-based representation on their councils.

Manawatu – 77.04% opposed to race-based, part-Maori wards.
Palmerston North – 68.87% opposed.
Whakatane – 56.39% opposed.
Western Bay of Plenty – 78.2% opposed.
Kaikoura – 80.03% opposed.

Dave Cull’s letter was written ostensibly “on behalf of our 78 local authorities in NZ members.” It was later found that Cull’s letter was written without the knowledge and consent of those 78 local authorities. Cull’s methods are those of a wannabe dictator.

Dr. Don Brash reportedly contacted LGNZ to find out more information, and on April 30 he received an email reply from the CEO of LGNZ, Malcolm Alexander, purporting to clarify the position of LGNZ in regard to the setting up of race-based wards. Malcolm Alexander declared that “Presently, LGNZ has no policy on whether councils should or should not introduce race-based, part-Maori wards into their local democratic representation.”

The exact opposite of Dave Cull’s claim!

Who is the liar? Does Alexander’s reply accurately represent the position of LGNZ? If so, is he is prepared to send to the Prime Minister and other party leaders an open letter contradicting and correcting the unilateral statements of Dave Cull? It seems not. From that, we can draw the conclusion: neither the President nor the CEO of LGNZ can be trusted.

Alexander also said that LGNZ policy on such matters is that they are local decisions for each council to make, depending on the wishes and needs of its community. But Dave Cull refuses to accept that. Is it that he can’t see the difference? Or that he doesn’t want to see it?

Another difference that Dave Cull ignores is that race-based wards are for providing special benefits which are not part of any Council’s core business. Race-based special benefits – provided by all Ratepayers’ money – could well include financing haka groups and other tribal activities, overseas trips with “cultural significance,” publicity campaigns misrepresenting Treaty issues, the forming of an unelected committee to control the direction of council, and possibly even a financial grant for the odd stomach stapling operation for part-Maori obese.

The setting up of part-Maori wards will accentuate socially destructive racial differences. Is this the long term aim of the dim-witted Cull, Alexander and their racist supporters?

CullDemocracy means that all citizens are treated equally. Democracy and equality for all were never part of the stone-age, illiterate, Maori society of the eighteen hundreds which were dominated by dictatorial Chiefs. The politically aggressive part-Maori radicals of today have no time for the principle of equality-of-all. What they demand is privileged treatment, including the authority to subvert our education system. If they don’t get privileged treatment they claim that they are being discriminated against.

Discrimination occurs only when one group is given more or less privileges than everyone else. That is not so. If those part-Maori radicals were children we would call them spoilt brats. When adults use the same tactics, it shows that their mentality remains in the stone age. Unfortunately, those radicals have support from at least one sector of the European population with a hidden agenda.

There is a very revealing statement in Malcolm Alexander’s reply to Don Brash which exposes the non-ethics of the two leaders of LGNZ. Viz. “LGNZ perspective on this matter (and others) derives primarily from its positive advocacy for localism based on the principle of subsidiarity.

In one meaning, subsidiarity means that LGNZ should be autonomous and outside the control of central government. Another meaning of subsidiarity is that councils should not be accountable to the Ratepayers they are supposedly representing. (The ‘we were elected to govern’ syndrome.) In effect, Dave Cull and LGNZ CEO favour Council dictatorships. The results of the recent referenda show that Dave Cull, LGNZ and most councils are totally and completely out-of-touch with their Ratepayers.

Keep that in mind when voting at the next council elections.

Cull and Alexander’s collective aim is to branch out into social engineering instead of being confined to providing infrastructure for the benefit of all residents. There is currently a Bill being examined by the Governance and Administration select committee of parliament. It is called the Local Government (Community Wellbeing) Amendment Bill and will give councils far wider powers than simply providing infrastructure.

It will authorise councils to promote social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of their communities. Of course, councils will be the sole judges of what constitutes “cultural well being.” I.e. Those in councils will decide what is good for the people and that includes the setting up of race-based wards. The amendment as shown on the Internet does not mention the removal of the 5% poll provision, but those in LGNZ and government who follow the principle of subsidiarity will likely be planning to quietly remove it at the last minute.

If successful, Ratepayers will have no say in the matter of race-based wards. This allows councils to effectively subvert Ratepayers and central government. This is a power grab which attacks the very foundations of our democratic society.

7 thoughts on “Enemies Of Democracy

  1. D Cull is one and the same idiot who proclaimed that the city was sinking and bled all over the Govt and country seeking financial support to stop his city being inundated.

    Not a word from him or other idiots of the same ilk when it was shown that in fact the coastline is sinking. How must a district feel when they have a mayor and well reported spokesman who thinks the seas can rise in one place only?

    God save us from idiots like him and the media that support him. We should all be aware that most of the media are as thick as DC and at the same time racists too. Have we forgotten how so many idiot Maori rose up in arms over apartheid in the South Africa. Beyond human belief that those same idiots want it here.

    I find it most odd that so many Pakeha want raced based seats on councils.

    1. It’s because so many pakeha feel guilty for colonizing the country and bringing civilization and all of the comforts and ‘benefits’ to a stone age people.

  2. Father Dave knows what’s best for us. We must be too stupid to have our own opinions so this moron does it for us. Thank you 1law4all for highlighting this criminal loser’s actions that our main stream media would never ever report.

    1. Yip we need to wake up in NZ
      I see we are now being called Aotearoa by all the news media now
      Country name change by stealth.
      Nero fiddled while Rome burned!!!

  3. The principle of subsidiarity is a fundamental part of Roman Catholic social policy. That begs the question: is LGNZ being run according to Roman Catholic principles? Subsidiarity was first mentioned in the 1931 encyclical of Pope Pius XI, “Quadragesimo Anno.” Section 5 is called Reconstructing the Social Order. In paragraph 80 it says:

    “The state authorities should leave to other bodies the care and expediting of business and activities of lesser moment which otherwise become for it a source of great distraction. It then will perform with greater freedom, vigour and effectiveness, the tasks belonging properly to it, and which it alone can accomplish, directing, supervising, encouraging, as circumstances suggest or necessity demands. Let those in power, therefore, be convinced that the more faithfully this principle of “subsidiarity” is followed and a hierarchical order prevails among the various organisations the more excellent will be the authority and efficiency of society . . .

    In the practical situation it means that LGNZ should be autonomous and be independent of central government. Dave Cull was on TV recently spouting about democracy, but to him and his close conspirators it means freedom to pursue whatever councils want. If you want that sort of dictatorial and authoritarian council policy, then Dave Cull and his fascist followers are the people to vote for at the next local body elections.

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