Mother of Three Against PC & Ostrich Head Disease

This is a candid interview between a British Grandma and an American free lance TV journalist. There’s an implication that the TV broadcast is a subscriber-based or ‘crowd-funded’ thing that frees it from the thought and word police commissars in mainstream media.

There are a gazillion videos you could watch, but this one: Katie Hopkins on Multiculturalism, Hate Speech and the Word Police (Pt. 2) should not be one of those that leaves you thinking that’s 25 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

There are some real, thought-provoking gems that could easily escape your attention, so do watch and listen carefully. The relevance to the NZ situation is there.

2 thoughts on “Mother of Three Against PC & Ostrich Head Disease

  1. A very courageous lady. The world is being destroyed by political correctness and immigrants who have no intention of integrating into a tolerant society.

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