Where Has All The Money Gone?

(Long wallets fattening . . . Apologies to the Peter, Paul & Mary trio)

Some others are noticing what the rest of us realised, a long, long time ago. The iwi fat cats are doing well. The others – not so good.

Of course, without a down-trodden poor and poverty-stricken, the iwi fat cats have no reason for being. Therefore, it’s in their interest to keep poor poor. Or even poorer.

On 24 July, a group of protesters gathered at the offices of Te Runanga-a-iwi o Ngapuhi. Of the money-go-round, it seems that the 60 or so protesters wanted to know why the runanga had received dividends of $2.6 million but only distributed about 11% per cent of that through scholarships and hapu development funding.

But the people who the protesters wanted to confront were not there. The six-weekly tribal council board meeting had been moved. The Board paddled their waka down the coast to meet at law firm Chapman Tripp’s offices in Auckland.

1Law4All wagers that venue would be one helluva lot more expensive than having it at home. It would also help to further nibble at the $2.6 million tribal dividend by larding the coffers of an even wider circle of fat cats.

protest signs Protest signs from Kaikohe. Photo Denise Piper / NZ Herald

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3 thoughts on “Where Has All The Money Gone

  1. That is the problem, The Tribal/Iwi Fat Cats (Tribe Elders Etc,) Get the first dip into the trough, Holidays, Flash cars, Spend like there is tomorrow! The rest of the tribe get bugger all. Just have a look at the Waikato tribes , They have now had three dips into the so called FLAWED “Treaty of Waitangi” when they got low on funds. This and any new Government need to put an almighty push to stopping this bullshit.

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