Here is the speech they didn’t want us to hear!

Stefan Molyneux – the speech he would have given in Auckland, had he not been censored by the ‘mob veto’ and complicit politicians. (A disease that quickly spread to Massey University!)

If for any reason it disappears off this blog, you can find it on YouTube.

5 thoughts on “The Banned Speech They Didn’t Want Us To Hear!

  1. The banning of free speech is a step towards achieving their goals.The vocal minority who ride the gravy train and are supported by boofhead politics are leading New Zealand step by step towards brown apartheid. If the apathetic silent majority do not act now and stop this madness, then they get what they deserve.

  2. They have actually done free speech a favour I think more people would have heard this speech now and know who Stefan Molyneux is than if the ordinary speech had gone ahead

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