Racist Spending or Needs-Based Spending?

People Are Sleeping In Cars And Downtown Retail Doorways, Yet We Spend $600 Million On Maori Language?

– Don Jacobs

Perhaps someone could help me out here . . . ?

I have it on varying degrees of anecdotal evidence that 99.9% of 5 year olds rock on up to their first day at primary school . . . and pretty much the whole lot of them can speak English.

Now, I wonder who taught them? Whoever did that wasn’t instructed to do it. There was no letter from the ‘Ministry of English Affairs’ that arrived in the post in the days after your 0 year old’s birth.

Parents weren’t forced into doing it. They weren’t paid to do it. They weren’t coerced or bribed into doing it. They just did it for no apparent reason. And they didn’t charge the taxpayer so much as one cent.

Imagine that – a whole country of such diverse ethnicity, of South Africans, Samoans, Hindus, Muslims, Chinese, European Nations, of English . . . all getting up in the morning, from all parts of New Zealand, none of them in contact with each other, yet all working in tandem, all without any instruction from anyone, nor any involvement of government and not costing the taxpayer a cent.

And the product? Well, it is so astonishing that I’m going to say it again: pretty much all five year olds that rock on up to primary school on their first day of school can speak English.

Now, here’s another of those strangest of strange things. English isn’t even an official language of New Zealand. (There are only 2 official languages being Maori and sign language.)

So it baffles me why all these people would teach their children a language that doesn’t even have any official standing in New Zealand.

And here’s another odd thing . . . In 1984, $3 million of taxpayer money was spent on teaching te reo (a manufactured language). By 2016 it was up to $260 million and now it’s heading towards $600 million. And you know what? There are less Maori speakers today than there were in 1984.

So here’s my point. Here we are in a country where people are sleeping in cars and in doorways and yet we spend $600 million on te reo, a language that’s of little use within New Zealand and totally useless outside N.Z.

I’m no builder, but I reckon you could build a cheap house for about $250,000. For $600 million you could build 2,400 homes – 5 people in each home = 12,000 people housed.


In what right and just society do we allow this insanity to prevail?

Obviously something to think about and discuss.

Is this an objective argument?

14 thoughts on “Racist Spending or Needs-Based Spending?

  1. Its just payoff dressed up as maori language. Give it a title, no one will click that it’s a scam.

    ” We want more money bro”..

    “Sure, lets do it this way, we’ll call it ummm “Compulsory te reo, yep, that sounds good”

    ” Another 50 mil cover it? ”

    ” Yep . . . for now cuz”

  2. This pathetic “language” has been on tax payer funded life support for too many years. Time to pull the plug and let it die along with the fake history and the corrupt Waitangi Tribunal. Maybe it could then be buried alongside NZ Democracy which was murdered years ago.

  3. Among my patients I have people from all over the world and all of them – yes, all of them – who have children from as young as four and five who can speak English and their native tongue and not a taxpayer penny spent on them learning to speak in two languages.

    Bugger me – Chinese people can arrive here without a word of English and within a few short years they a dux of some college or other.

  4. And to top it off the PM is still looking at bringing people over from the detention center in Australia. Charity begins at home Jacs

    1. Ah, yes – you’re right. It’s all about looking good on the ‘world stage.’ To hell with “charity begins at home!” No accolades for that at loony left central, aka dis-United Nations.

  5. No amount of money spent forcing children to learn Maori will make them want to retain the knowledge when they are older and realise it’s of no practical use in this country when everyone speaks English. We only have this due to politicians trying to buy the vote of Maori. The next thing politicians will do is hand Maori the NZ foreshore and rights to fresh water. 15% people with some Maori descent in NZ with 50% prison population being Maori. How long are productive law abiding citizens going to be blamed for the past? Pander to people and what do you get? We all own our futures and are responsible for our own success if we want it. It’s time for people to speak out about against this race based Treaty nonsense.

    1. If the legal definition of “Maori” was changed from the present 1% to 50% of Maori blood, the number of Maori in prisons would be reduced by an enormous amount, overnight. The lower percentage figure is being used and abused as part of the ‘gimme more money’ scam being wrought on NZ taxpayers.

      1. Sorry to disabuse you in the term of Maori, however many years ago the percentage stipulation was taken off the legal books . You are are currently able to claim being a Maori without any proof. Having to prove the fact is illegal.

    2. You comment about being blamed for the past,and the obvious brain washed white population who actually believe it. It would seem that few people ever study human nature or the evolution of the human race. It has been one of continuous wars, property takeovers, countries occupied, all in the name of power, religion and ego. There are winners and losers. Had the Maoris won the wars ,New Zealand would not be as it is now, it would look similar to any other Pacific Island. Unfortunately, human beings are much the same as ever, what has evolved is political correctness, but greed and avarice are still Kings.

  6. On top of all the above which is so true and almost criminal, I know of 2 people born around 1900 who were brought up speaking Maori. One was a European the other Maori, both told me that they had trouble understanding TeReo as the pronunciation was so different and that they used too many words for a simple sentence. On top of that in 1995, 60% of TeReo was made up of newly invented words.

    What a farce.

  7. In the post above you said, “Now, here’s another of those strangest of strange things. English isn’t even an official language of New Zealand. (There are only 2 official languages being Maori and sign language.)” If we’re to make any serious inroads into changing the racist separate development policies of this and successive governments, we need to be scrupulous as to our arguments and their supporting information. Minor case in point here is that English IS one of our official languages! Nevertheless, your argument is a good one: kids learn language at home in the first instance, whatever language it is that is deemed important to retain, English, Maori, Chinese etc. If Maori were only concerned about the survival of Te Reo (and not getting money!) they’d teach their kids at home and on the marae. Any of us adults who want to pick it up can take a class.

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