Former MP Marama Fox owes over $150k after affordable housing business failed

4 October 2018

Is mentioning this kicking a bitch while she’s down? After all, many business ventures fail, no matter who heads them.

Or is it really just another rabid racist’s failed pipe dream?

Certainly, those who are owed megabucks will not be thinking kindly of the foxy lady and her cunning. Or should that be deceit? The same deceit that is the founding facet of the racist Maori Party.

Could be.

Of course, Marama’s “devastated.”

What else could she say?

But will that result in the foxy Marama’s creditors being paid?

The former Maori Party co-leader entered Parliament in 2014. She left Parliament after last year’s election, when her party received just 1.1 per cent of the vote and won no electorate seats. Following media coverage of the company’s liquidation last month, Fox resigned from the Maori Party. A written statement from the party’s executive said she had made a significant contribution to the party. “We support her decision to resign in order to focus on issues related to her private business. “We know that her absolute priority is to repay any outstanding debts, and we believe that is the right and proper course of action for her to take.”

I wonder how they can ‘know’ that? Tikanga, (Maori custom) perhaps? Yeah, right!

As for the significant contribution mentioned, perhaps that was money for creditors that found its way into the racist Maori party coffers?

As one old saying has it: most pessimists get that way by financing optimists.

Including racist optimists.

7 thoughts on “A Racist’s Pipedream

  1. I am not a fan of the lady in question, but is it asking too much to expect a little more of a factual approach rather than the schadensfreude of this post? You are right on the ball when you talk about kicking somebody when they are down. Let’s not let her off the hook by any means, but let’s also try to act like mature and civilised human beings.

    1. You’re right – always a risk. But is the foxy woman’s position not unlike pride coming before a fall? A stands for arrogance in all walks of life.

    2. What did I miss? What wasn’t factual? That said, the factual question that wasn’t but should’ve been asked was: were are the billions of treaty settlement dollars? Why did she not tap the iwi elite fat cats for some of their ill gotten gains instead of robbing small businesses?

      Racist entitlement mentality is probably at the root of it all.

      And that’s without even considering what’s an ‘affordable’ house. All houses are ‘affordable’ to someone. Hell! Even Twyford’s Kiwibuild houses start at a mere half million dollars! Pocket change – right? ( )

      Maybe Marama can line up some of those? After all, Phil’s going to be popping them out at the rate of 10,000 a year, isn’t he? [sarcasm]

  2. Marama Fox is a down and right racist and a loser, Kick her while she is down because she would be doing the same thing if the boot was on the other foot. One ponders why you would ever venture into a business relationship with such vulgar and racist person.

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