More Mindless Media Mischief

More Mindless-Media Mischief

In a desperate attempt to keep people looking at adverts on their pages after the Christchurch mass murders interest wanes, certain ‘news’ media have accepted claims by an Auckland “snowflake” that a 1Law4All pamphlet seeking equality and democracy is – somehow, in some way – “white supremacist.”


Next will be media publicity for a court action against the deity figure of choice for making falling snow to be white! As for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, how does Maroon Maid and the Stunted Septet sound?


Point Chevalier, Auckland Neighbourhood Opinion Police Vigilantes at work. Lots of facebook comments after that piece – if you have the stomach for it. From the NewsHub item . . . .

A couple have confronted a man they say was caught delivering “offensive” pamphlets to homes in an Auckland suburb. The couple say a “One Treaty, One Nation” pamphlet was delivered to their Point Chevalier home in late March and they found it “deeply offensive.”

“Caught?” Like some sort of crime was being committed?


Here’s page one of the brochure that was delivered in Point Chevalier, where Much Ado About Nothing is eye-ball-riveting, stock-in-trade ‘news’ for a jaded, losing-the-masses media, struggling for 21st century relevance. Especially given that the ‘news’ is at least two weeks old!


Whatever extra eyes-on-adverts the media were prostituting themselves for, the facebook responses may have set them straight. Maybe. Nothing, but nothing, is harder to open than the closed mind of sociopathic media.


Well, maybe same-ilk-politicians excepted.


Click on the page numbers below to see the other pages of that ‘nasty, supremacist’ pamphlet:

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6



If a bit of a laughter might help you avoid being depressed by all the preceding reported claptrap, try this: Comedian Steve Hughes on Being Offended (and how adults should just get over it).




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