Draft Minutes of the Special General Meeting of 1Law4All (Inc)

Held at the Armitage Hotel, Tauranga
At 7.00pm on 24 September 2014

The meeting was opened by Chairman Perry Spiller (vice-President)

A brief welcome to Tauranga was given by local steering committee leader Mike Kuipers Von Lande.

Resolved: that Brenda Spiller record the Minutes.

Quorum Validation

The chairman referred to Rule 20.5 and ruled that a quorum was achieved as the SGM meeting of the previous evening had been adjourned for 24 hours.


Richard Simpson, Whitianga
Rae Beale, Tauranga
Resolved: that the apologies be sustained.

Minutes of AGM

Resolved: that the Minutes of the May 2014 be accepted as a true and correct record.
Peter Wood / Ian Brougham

Matters arising from Minutes

Peter Wood asked about his question to the AGM on the candidate selection process. The previous Board had a candidate application form, and there was a yet-to-be refined selection process available.

Election of Officers and Board Members

The Chairman explained what the Party’s Rules require, including the option to co-opt and the process required by the Rules for nomination and seconding, plus the difficulties created by the recent resignation of all other Board members.
Party Leader  – no nominations
Deputy Party Leader – no nominations
Party President – no nominations

Party vice-President
* Perry Spiller.
– Ian Brougham / the Chairman (in the absence of any other Director)
* Alastair Bourne
– Bill Matches / the Chairman (in the absence of any other Director)
* Ian Brougham
– Dave Mitchell / the Chairman (in the absence of any other Director)
* Kay Beetham
– Bill Matches / the Chairman (in the absence of any other Director)
* Brenda Spiller
– Bill Matches  / the Chairman (in the absence of any other Director)

The Chairman explained at some length the potential risks and difficulties of having husband and wife both on the Board. Members present affirmed that they were willing to accept those risks, as explained.

Resolved unanimously: that those persons nominated be elected.

General business

There was much discussion on the future of 1Law4All. It was agreed that the need for it was greater than ever, given the election results.

Resolved: that 1Law4All continue as a political party
– Kath Christie / Laurie Inskeep.
Passed with two dissenting votes.

Peter Wood suggested we should join up with Muriel Newman. It was explained that Muriel had already been approached but did not wish to join or be political.

8:35pm: the Chairman thanked those present for attending and closed the meeting.