Book Reviews – April 2015

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Voyages of the Pioneers to NZ, 1839-85

by John Mclean. (372 pages with photos)

An account of conditions on the sailing ships that brought the settlers to New Zealand based on the diaries of the passengers.

The spotlight is focussed tightly on the seemingly never-ending voyages of those courageous people who were intent on improving their lot across the other side of the world in a new land and on the experiences they encountered and endured along the way on board the emigrant ships. Mr. McLean has done the public a great service with the compilation of this book, providing for this pampered generation an insight into the backbone and tenacity of this often neglected and forgotten chapter in New Zealand’s multi-cultural history.

– Review by Julie Halligan, e-local magazine.

Zeal and Honour

(The Life & Times of Bernard Freyberg)

by Wyn Beasley. (332 pages with many photos)

An account of the life and achievements of NZ’s most distinguished soldier, who kicked off the Gallipoli landings with his epic swim, won a V.C. in France, commanded the N.Z Division throughout the Second World War and served as a much loved Governor-General.

– Publisher-supplied review.

The Fraud of Human Rights

by Robert Stanmore, 360 pages.

A scary account of how the left wing human rights movement is displacing our real and traditional rights with newly imposed human rights that have as their secret agenda the changing of the behaviour of Western peoples by means of political correctness, imposed multi-culturalism, etc. This is an international phenomenon and New Zealand is part of it.

– Review by Jeremy Fisher