Brexit – The Turning Of The Tide

The decision by the voters of Britain to take back their sovereignty by leaving the EU , the success of independent, non-mainstream parties in getting Senate seats in Australia, and the widespread support for Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the USA show that the ordinary person is well and truly fed up with being told what to do by the political elite, being taxed unfairly, being marginalised by racial preferences, and seeing more and more of the country being handed over to the sovereign companies of Communist China.

Brexit is the taking back of their sovereignty by the people of Britain – the sovereignty that the political elite (both Conservative and Labour) had so unwisely surrendered to an undemocratic body (the E.U.), over which the ordinary person – and indeed the British government itself – had no control.

New Zealand faces the same problem – a progressive loss of sovereignty as a result of the National Government’s surrendering of long held public rights and resources in the form of “co-governance agreements” with Mr. Finlayson’s favoured tribes – like Tuhoe.

In any self-respecting country there can be only one sovereignty, viz. that of the lawfully elected government. When unpatriotic governments – like Edward Heath’s Conservatives in Britain and John Key’s National Party – hand over partial sovereignty to some other body like the E.U. or Tuhoe, they are betraying both the nation and the people. What makes it more odious is that neither of these disreputable rackets – the E.U. and the tribal elite – which have grabbed part of the nation’s sovereignty, are in any way democratic or care two hoots for the ordinary person.

The British people have spoken; it’s time that New Zealanders did the same by refusing to vote for any party – National or Labour – that supports “co-governance agreements” with iwi or with anyone else. And the dirty, if not treasonable, work of Finlayson and his cohorts must be destroyed by the cancellation of all “co-governance agreements” already entered into. Parliament is sovereign and what an unpatriotic Parliament has done can be undone by a better bunch of MPs, in the future. No democracy can tolerate “co-governance” in any shape, manner or form. As Abraham Lincoln said, a House divided against itself can not stand.

With Brexit as a shining example let us emulate the famous words spoken by Michael Savage, the first Labour Prime Minister of New Zealand, in 1939, where Britain goes, we go.