Repeal the current foreshore and seabed legislation.

The Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011, passed by National as yet another concession to the race-based Maori party, took the beaches and seabed of New Zealand out of Crown (public) ownership so as to make these priceless assets available for coastal tribes to claim as their own (customary title). The Minister who drove this through Parliament was Christopher Finlayson, who was formerly the lawyer for Ngai Tahu in their treaty settlement of 1998. And it just so happens that Ngai Tahu stands to gain potentially more of the coast line than any other tribe.

Why should New Zealanders have to become guests on those parts of the coast that are handed over to tribes by this swindling piece of legislation?

In passing the Marine and Coastal Area Act the National Party was violating its long held policy of representing all New Zealanders equally without giving any special privileges to any one group. By allowing Maori to claim the beaches that once belonged to all of us John Key has betrayed his own voters, and indeed all the non-Maori people of New Zealand.