Our Name & Our Policy is 1Law4All

1Law4All stands for equality of citizenship and accountable democracy that works and can be seen to be working; more limited government; personal responsibility; less-fettered free enterprise (especially small businesses) and a civil, law abiding society.

1Law4All wants everyone to be treated the same by the law, regardless of race. That means an end to special race-based privileges for those who choose to identify themselves as part-Maoris. Race based policies that favour one group of New Zealanders over others are just as much an affront to equality and democracy as was apartheid in South Africa.

1Law4All is the principled party that, unlike the deeply compromised mainstream parties like National and Labour, is committed to the good of ALL New Zealanders regardless of their bloodlines or when it was that their ancestors arrived in the country.

1Law4All asks for the support of all those who oppose the ever increasing separatism, racism and “co-governance” which are tearing into two parts the nation that used to be one.

If you don’t want to become a second class citizen, you should support 1Law4All, which will not disadvantage ordinary New Zealanders in order to buy the support of increasingly powerful tribal interests – as both National and Labour have done. It’s time to end the duopoly of National and Labour that have sold out so many of our long held rights and valuable public resources to the powerful tribal elite. They have shafted you before; they will shaft you again. 1Law4All wont.

Below are 12 policy points of 1Law4All’s to re-create a society of equal rights, followed by another 12 policy points to get the country back into a good financial and social shape. We can succeed in these worthy aims only with your support. You owe it to yourselves, your descendants and your country to give 1Law4All that support.

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One Law For All Policies

1. Abolish race-based seats in Parliament.


2. Abolish any official or unofficial race-based representation in local government.


3. Repeal The Marine and Coastal Area Act 2011, which took the beaches and coast out of public ownership.


4. Abolish the Waitangi Tribunal, a racist advocacy group that has already been responsible for taking over $3 billion from the NZ taxpayer.


5. Strip from legislation all references to the Treaty of Waitangi and any related references to the non-existent “Treaty partnership” and “principles.”


6. End all “co-governance” agreements which give unelected tribalists the same rights as democratically elected councillors.


7. Make English, the spoken and written language of New Zealand, one of the nation’s two official languages, the other being Sign language.


8. Iwi corporations to pay the same taxes as other private corporations.


9. End any national or local official promotion and/or enforcement of bi-culturalism.


10. Withdraw from the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.


11. Abolish the office of Human Rights Commissioner (Race Relations).


12. All rights to be determined by citizenship and not by race.