Marine & Coastal Area Act Grabs

While NZ constituents are being distracted this way and that by the race-based subversion of democratically-elected Councils, witless taxpayers are footing the legal bill for tribal groups to take NZ’s beaches away from them. The Office of Treaty Settlements report that they’re trying to keep costs-to-taxpayers below $100,000 per claim. How nice of them. Taxpayers will be thrilled!

Ohope Beach – from Whakatane Heads to the east of Opotiki – is another piece of seabed & foreshore that a local part-Maori group seeks to claim as theirs, according to documents lodged in the High Court. And don’t be fooled by those who will tell you that section 26 of the Marine & Coastal Area Act [MACA] provides for free right of access. Because that’s free as in free from paying a fee, not free as in free to go to any time.

Freedom of access can be constrained via the MACA itself, (what the Act describes as authorised prohibitions or restrictions imposed under section 79), or by the local council’s bylaws and plans. Think back!  Remember those previously mentioned un-elected and unaccountable-to-ratepayer part-Maori Resource Management Boards? They will also determine (or have a huge influence on) local council By-laws and Regional & District Plans! And they – in turn – link to any council-based by-laws and plans that could have more authorised prohibitions or restrictions on the freedom of public beach access mentioned in the MACA.

That adds the sea and the beaches, so on to the next dots. The land and then the buildings. Hey, froggy, is that water too hot for you, yet?  . . .