5 August 2014


I am really disappointed with your reply to my e-mail of the 28th of July. It doesn’t resonate with me as having been written by the Tom Johnson that I have come to know and respect.

You make no reference to the points which I presented:

1) Rule 9 (1) (b)

2) No reference about the fact that the AGM Minutes do not reflect any discussion about not standing any candidates for the party list

3) No reference whatsoever to the 100 members I have spoken to as if they don’t bloody count!!

They all appreciate the lack of funds to stand candidates. All they want is the opportunity to be able to record their vote on the Party list and thus put a peg in the sand. At the same time we’d establish what the public think and how much support we have, knowing what’s been spent on promotion etc. No one is suggesting that we are likely to have any balance of power.

After watching the NATION on Sunday TV, I have come to the conclusion your e-mail could well have been written by the arrogant Minister Joyce.