This list of Maori only privileges, which are fully or partly funded by you, the tax payer, provides some of the examples we have found to date. The list will be added to as we become aware of others.

  • Race based funding in 2011 alone cost $1.324 billion
  • Cash payments for “co-governance” nets iwi tens of millions annually
  • Whanau Ora is a new programme costing over $40 million a year
  • Nearly $600 million is spent every year promoting the Maori language
  • When the Maori Council takes on the Crown, you pay for both sides
  • When tribal elites negotiate with the Crown, you pay for both sides
  • Auckland’s “super city” legislation set up an unelected Maori Statutory Board with big, expensive ideas and undefined powers
  • Tribal elites now control over $37 billion assets, mostly thanks to overly generous treaty settlements, of which “their people” see little if anything
  • The New Zealand Public Health and Disability Act 2000 has clauses giving Maori priority for health treatment
  • The Resource Management Act has clauses giving tribal elites veto power in building and development.
  • Maori only Schools
  • Maori only education scholarships
  • Maori only housing projects
  • Maori only prisoner programmes
  • Maori only positions in government agencies
  • Maori only consultation rights under the RMA
  • Maori only co-management of parks, rivers, lakes and coastline
  • Maori only seats on local councils
  • Maori only local government statutory boards
  • Maori only local government liaison committees
  • Maori only seats in parliament
  • Maori only welfare (Whanau Ora)
  • Maori only health prioritisation and initiatives


Race Based Funding

Maori Affairs Vote (allocation)

The Minister of Maori Affairs is responsible for appropriations in the Vote for the 2012/2013 financial year, covering the following:

  • a total of over $23 million for provision of advice, including second opinion advice and contributions to policy advice led by other agencies, to support decision-making by Ministers on government policy matters; and provision of other services to Ministers to enable them to discharge their portfolio.
  • a total of nearly $14 million for the design, delivery and management of community investment programmes, the Maori Business Facilitation Service, and administration costs of the Land Management Unit.
  • a total of nearly $7 million for an integrated programme of community level social assistance to Maori whanau through the provision of services by Whanau Advocates (Kaitoko Whanau and Oranga Whanau); Maori Wardens and related entities.
  • a total of nearly $8 million for strengthening relationships with Maori with emphasis on facilitation, brokerage, provision of local level information and co-ordination.
  • a total of nearly $75 million for the promotion of Maori language and culture through direct funding of broadcasting entities (Te Mangai Paho, Maori Television Services and Te Putahi Paoho) and Te Taura Whiri I Te Reo (Maori Language Commission).
  • a total of just over $10 million to purchase the services of the Maori Trustee.
  • a total of nearly $3 million to progress Maori economic development initiatives across tourism and productive sectors.
  • a total of just over $14 million for funding Maori Potential through community investment programmes and the Rangatiratanga grants.
  • a total of over $4 million for specific Maori Potential programmes including; Iwi Housing Support, Maori Registration Service, Maori Wardens, NZ Maori Council and Maori Women’s Development Fund
  • a total of $500,000 for addressing Treaty and contemporary claims related matters.
  • a total of $43,000 for various legislative payments administered by Te Puni Kokiri, and
  • a total of over $2 million for departmental expenditure.

The Minister for Whanao Ora is responsible for the following appropriations:

  • a total of nearly $49 million for activites associated with implementing, developing and evaluating whanau ora service delivery ($9 million) and the purchase of the whanau ora service delivery capability and whanau support ($40 million).

That adds up to an annual taxpayer provided budget of over $200 Million !

To read this report in more detail, you can download the pdf here:



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