2 thoughts on “Speeches

  1. I had a bit of trouble finding your website I had seen your advert in the local rag. I think the idea is wonderful BUT before I joined up I wanted to know who the people behind the Party are but even when I located the website there were No candidates and No Leader, A little difficult to get my head around that.
    You could be just a bunch of yobbo’s who get all these peoples contact details then victimise them for not being Pro Maori.
    Probably time you came clean and tell us who you guys are, as a nation we have been duped by so many Pollies that a lot of us are gun shy now.

  2. I can appreciate your concerns, but when has personality politics achieved much of benefit for the country? Glance around: Shonkey (the smiling assassin), Winnie (the trinkets and baubles of power Treasurer), Rodney (what a hide with that o’seas trip on the taxpayer), Greens (who? the social engineers) and the rest of a sorry lot.

    The 1LAW4ALL folks may not have any front person, at the moment, but they do have an unambiguous policy. And only one, at that. That should help them avoid duck-shoving and diving, like the others always seem to do, as they scratch for votes like headless chickens. My guess is that 1 law for all are just ordinary people who are apprehensive about NZ’s future, under the influence of the part-Maori separatists and their sycophants.

    Perhaps give them a bit of time and see how they fare? I doubt that they’re part-Maori fifth-columnists. They’re doing well enough without trying anything like this as a charade.

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