1Law4All has initiated the rather complex and convoluted process of applying to be registered as a political party. Once completed and registered, this process will allow 1Law4All to stand a list of candidates and seek Party Votes at the general election on 20 September 2014.

The unrelenting flow of race-based government, laws and taxes has pushed us to bite the bullet, despite several technical and practical obstacles to doing so. The constant undermining of racial and legal equality and democratic principles by the established parties means we simply must make a stand for what is right – and provide a safe place for your protest vote. As one member adroitly observed:

“In this time of NZ’s great need, we the people need somewhere to put our tick on election day. People are sick of the PC bull, surrounding not just Maori grievances but also politics in general.

“I came here 12 years ago to get away from a country in decline only to find the very fabric of NZ’s society being destroyed by its government. For several elections I’ve not voted because there was no one to vote for!

“1Law4All has changed that for me.  Something happened when the strong moral idea of one law for all was given a vehicle to express itself.”

So Registration is under way. Would any enthusiastic member volunteer to pay the $500 registration fee? (A fee recently introduced by National, which, like Labour, paid nothing to register, of course!)