Twelve Other 1Law4All Policies

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1. The biggest economic problem facing New Zealand is the huge amount of debt to foreign countries which, Under National, has trebled from #18 billion in 2008 to $58 billion in 2016. The lowering of this massive encumbrance would be a priority for 1Law4All.


2. Regulatory relief – especially reducing the bureaucracy for building-related trades and oppressive and manifestly excessive Health & Safety laws..


3. Hold a binding referendum in Rodney and Franklin to see if the people of those areas wish to remain in Auckland Council or have their former municipalities restored.


4. No constitutional change without at least 75% voter support in a binding referendum.


5. The crime of murder to carry an automatic life sentence with “life” meaning LIFE. Abolish the use of concurrent sentences for crimes of violence.


6. Health care to be based on the patient’s physical and mental needs to the exclusion of perceived cultural or ideological considerations.


7. Education. The focus should be on the real education of students in an ideology free environment.


8. Progressively increase defence expenditure to 2% of GDP.


9. Maintain good foreign relations with all countries except those attempting to undermine our sovereignty. Fostering the closest possible relations with those nations which can be regarded as “family” – Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the United States of America.


10. In the interests of reciprocity and fairness people and companies from countries such as China that do not allow New Zealanders to buy freehold land in their countries should not be allowed to buy freehold land in New Zealand – only leasehold.


11. Impose a tax on firms that outsource work to cheap labour foreign countries where the same work could be done here by New Zealanders.


12. A moratorium on all immigration except from Australia.