Sir William Gallagher & the PC Media Storm

After a speech made by Sir William to business leaders at Waikato Stadium on Friday night, 24 Nov., the usual distorted reporting started.

Fortunately, Sir William, a champion of democracy, is not easily cowed by the foaming-at-the-mouth attacks of the politically-correct brigade and its sycophantic hordes of taxpayer-defrauding hangers-on.

About that Media Distortion, using the media’s own reported statements.

1) Waikato business leader Sir William Gallagher is under fire after claiming the Treaty of Waitangi is a farce.

Note the words: “claiming the Treaty of Waitangi is a farce.

Two sentences down, Sir William is reported thus:

2) The Treaty papers on display at Te Papa were fraudulent documents and the concept of the Treaty itself was a rort, he said

Note Sir William’s reference to Treaty papers on display. That’s not the same as a reference to the Treaty that was signed at Waitangi in 1840.

Then note Sir William’s reference to the concept of the Treaty being a rort. That’s not the same as the Treaty itself being fraudulent or a rort.

Then a quote from an audience member:

3) “He was basically referring to a big Treaty cover-up.”

As all 1Law4All members are aware, there is a huge difference between the Treaty signed at Waitangi and the assortment of signature sheets that were subsequently used around New Zealand, to gain assent from tribes not represented at Waitangi on 6 February 1840.

And that’s without getting into any discussion of the official government cover-up of the final in-English draft (the Littlewood document)  that clarifies in absolute terms what was meant and intended in the Waitangi Treaty wording.

1Law4All salutes Sir William Gallagher for being a true knight, in defence of the Crown and democracy.

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